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August 21, 2008

juergen teller

Juergen Teller is pretty much awesome. I love his aesthetic, and he's completely hilarious.

Who else would pose Victoria Beckham with her legs poking out of a Marc Jacobs shopping bag? Or "photography Angela Lindvall with a mound of white Champagne foam coming out of her crotch and name it New York, Paris, Milan I’m Coming". I guess ole Dirty Richardson would, but he just doesn't have the same class and panache. Perhaps it's the Germanic heritage.

He's named a series of photos Fashion Wank (my sentiments exactly), loves taking photos of his baby, and "prefers quote-unquote interesting women: Cindy Sherman, Rachel Feinstein, Laura Dern. If he does shoot models, they are older (ideally over 20): Mariacarla Boscono, Angela Lindvall, Kristen McMenamy. They are women with stories and strength. Teller knows them already, or he gets to. They often eat together, preferably something sloppy. Meal sharing, he explains, is deeply important to his process—spaghetti nero, with its muddying effect on the lips and teeth, has become, for Teller, something of a leitmotif".

But apart from all this, or sitting concurrently, his overexposed, snapshot-style, un-retouched style has defined an era - and indeed, Marc Jacobs advertising.

There's a great article on Teller in New York Magazine, which you can find here.