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January 27, 2009

oh hai

product photo from temptalia.com

You would have heard by now that M.A.C. are releasing a capsule range of Hello Kitty makeup – I think it goes in store in the next couple of months. It's definitely not as pink as you would expect from the Japanese puss. I want all of it! Mainly because I am a not-so-secret Hello Kitty whore. The fat-faced feline combines three of my favourite things: kittens, the colour pink and Japanese kitsch. Of course I know it’s terribly clich├ęd and kind of gross - the H.K. symbol is almost like the Playboy Bunny in the way that it makes women go weak at the knees and want to buy anything branded with it. A part of me hates myself for liking it, but...she’s just so cute! I do have an embarrassing amount of Hello Kitty memorabilia – a Hello Kitty camera, Hello Kitty mouse pad, Hello Kitty coin wallet, Hello Kitty pens, Hello Kitty mug, Hello Kitty white board. I almost bought a Hello Kitty toaster once (it burns her face onto the bread). But that doesn’t even begin to scrape the surface of the product you can get.

What I really want is to fly to Tokyo on the Hello Kitty airplane, eat at the Hello Kitty restaurant and own a Hello Kitty guitar (Jane from The Go-Go’s plays one!). Oh, and maybe visit the Hello Kitty maternity hospital. Although all that pink cutesiness would probably make me want to shoot myself in the face. Maybe with this Hello Kitty gun.