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January 21, 2009

under the covers

I love cover design, and although I subscribe to the old adage of never judging a book by it's cover, sometimes I just want to frame my favourite record and book covers. Instead, I make do with propping them against the wall. Temporary art.

I love this site, LP Cover Lover, where hundreds upon hundreds of gorgeously disintegrating album covers are archived.

Creative Review recently took a look at all their favourite album covers of 2008.

I recently discovered this site, where more than 800 beautiful book covers are presented for poring over.

There's also a wonderful blog here, which examines the art of book cover design in depth.

But this work by English artist and writer Harland Miller is the penultimate. I want it on my wall. Badly. I would put it above my bed. Nice interview between Miller and Jarvis Cocker here.