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June 29, 2010

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Here are some articles that I have read and enjoyed recently.

This profile on "spoken-word Twitter feed" Joan Rivers - I can't wait to see the documentary about her at the NZ Film Festival.

Lauryn Hill on why she quit music - and hints at making a comeback!

Celebrity wankers at Glastonbury. I keep reading the ending to this story over and over again as it is so subtly brutal and brilliant.

"Back down in the backstage Winnebago area, a group of three well-coiffed, well-waxed men and their almost as impeccably groomed girlfriends are just finishing their drinks. "I can't believe Kate Hudson has brought two bodyguards here with her," says one of the men, with a mocking shake of his head. "I know - I think she can get through a crowd without being harassed," sneers his girlfriend. The group tut and contentedly finish their drinks behind the barricades, laughing at the idiocies of others."